Smart Daily Tasks Manager

Never Forget About Your Tasks, Just Get Them All Done

Doneit is designed to help you complete all of your daily tasks quicker and more efficiently.

See a Full Picture of All of Your Tasks and Become More Organized

One of the main goals of Doneit is to help you see a full picture of what you need to do now and what can wait until the later day.
Organize Your Tasks
Take advantage of more than 6 various tasks organization options within the app that will help you be more efficient.
Privacy Goes First
Doneit is built with privacy in mind and all of the app data is stored on your device and securely synced via iCloud.
Fully Native Design
Regardless what Apple platform you are using Doneit on, it will always feel and look right at home.

Start Getting All Your Tasks Done Quicker with Doneit

With Doneit, you don't have to worry about your tasks lists ever being messy as its key feature is an ability to organize the tasks in all sorts of ways.
Right at Home on Any Device

Fully Native User Interface Available on Almost All Apple Platforms

We truly believe that the native design makes the huge difference which helps the users explore the full potential of the app in just a matter of time.
Organize Everything

Filter Out All of the Irrelevant Tasks in Just a Few Clicks with Doneit

Doneit lets you easily filter out any of your tasks lists to help you see the full picture of the tasks that you should probably start doing now.
Always with You

Get an Opportunity to Take Doneit with You Wherever You Go on Your Wrist

Doneit offers a completely independent watchOS app that you can always take with you wherever you go on your wrist and have access to all of your tasks.
Kanban Board

Manage Your Large Projects Easily with the Board View

Effortlessly organize and manage all of your large projects with the board view. Quickly move your tasks between various sections of the board to change their categories, tags, priorities, statuses and more.

Download the App and Try Out Doneit Premium Completely for Free

You can use Doneit completely for free forever and you can always try out
the Doneit Premium at no cost at all.