Always Stay Hydrated 💯

We have built Waterit to help you always stay hydrated throughout the day.

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Explore What Waterit Offers 🚀

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Customize an Unlimited Number of Drinks

With Waterit Premium, you can create and customize an unlimited number of drinks of different sizes.

Never Forget to Hydrate with Reminders

Waterit lets you schedule multiple notifications that will remind you to stay hydrated throughout the day.

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Easily Set Up a Daily Goal You Aim for

You can set up an amount of water that you would like to drink on a daily basis and track your progress with Waterit.

Some of the Wonderful Features You Will Love

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Endless Customization

Customize the app however you like by changing its app icon, tint color or appearance.

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Built with Privacy in Mind

Waterit is built with privacy in mind and all of the app data is being stored locally on your device and securely synced via iCloud.

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Sync Across Multiple Devices

Sync all of your app data across multiple Apple devices connected to your iCloud account.

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Enhanced Security

You can lock all of your water logs with Face ID or Touch ID to add an extra layer of security.

Start Tracking Your Water Intake Today

Stay Motivated with Achievements

Consistently stay hydrated throughout the day to complete various achievements.

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Quickly Analyze All of Your Hydration Data

Waterit offers a variety of different data points and charts that you can view and analyze.

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Use Waterit Completely for Free

Waterit offers an extensive variety of features absolutely for free but you can always upgrade to Waterit Premium for even better experience.

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